Smriti Goswami

Smriti Goswami

Smriti Goswami

An Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

A qualified Pilot

A Scuba Diver certified by the Indian Naval Diving Team

An Artist

and so much more .. 

I thrive on Facilitating , Empowering , & Inspiring the change that I would like to see in the world

No matter what has happened in your life, there is a bigger dream waiting for you

Are you ready to live the dream right now ?

I offer individual consultation, facilitate classes and travel the world empowering people to follow their dreams !

I facilitate the following : 

  • Access Consciousness 
  • Access Bars & Body Process 
  • Being You
  • Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment
  • Right Body for You
  • Right Voice for You 
  • Symphony of Possibilities
  • Talk to the Entities