Access Abuse Hold

Access Abuse Hold


This incredible body process helps to release from the cellular structure of the body, any memories, patterns and programs of abuse that it has stored and locked in

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The Access Abuse Hold not only assists in freedom from sexual, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse from others but also where you are abusing you. 

Patterns of abuse can affect all areas of your life, relationships, work, body, money and more. 

Prior to receiving the abuse hold your body requires to clear the conscious elements of the limitations, judgements and fixed points of view which are keeping you stuck. 

This is done by listening to the Original Abuse CD by Gary Douglas available from the Access Consciousness website.   You need to listen to the CD at least 20-30 times to prepare the body for the abuse hold.

The perspectives here may seem quite different and strange but they are designed to put you back as the power in your own life and take you out of powerlessness and victimhood. 

If you require any verbal facilitation or Body process to assist you, know that I am available to support you through the process. 

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