Being You Adventures

Being You Adventures


What if you could wake up every day again with a wild enthusiasm for being alive?

Are you always asking for more and looking for that “something” we all know is possible? What if that “something” is YOU? What if you, truly being you, is all it takes to change everything – your life, everyone around you and the world ?

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Is now the time to be what and who you actually came here to be?


Welcome to this one and a half day class based on Dain Heer’s ‘Being You, Changing the World’ book and classes and are using the tool-box of Access Consciousness.


These classes are facilitated by special Being You facilitators worldwide and can give you an energetic experience of being that you won’t find anywhere else…


This class has no prerequisites and every event is uniquely created by the people who choose. It’s one of the most undefined events of its kind, it’s only when you define something that you can limit it. Ever notice?


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just be you, without any projections, inhibitions, judgments, and expectations? Are you willing to be the creator of your own life? The authority on what you know? A leader, not a follower? Are you ready to be you, however that looks, with greater ease? The world is waiting for NOW the time?






There was nothing wrong with the life I had created, the only problem was what I created was based on other people's points of views - not mine!!!

Like most of us I have in the past presented a limited version of me. I bought other people’s points of views and perceived their judgements and made myself less so that others around me didn’t feel threatened. I spent most of my life trying to fit in or be someone who I was told I should be.

The day I decided to be myself was the most liberating moment in my life.

Liberating, because you can smile down on the little things you achieve regardless of how small they are at the time and knowing they will be the pieces that help create the bigger picture of YOU.

Being myself lead me to all kinds of adventures and experiences that I would never have dreamt I could achieve. It gave me the confidence to mix with all kinds of people, travel for classes, visit extraordinary places and collect an amazing bunch of lifelong friends along the way.