I was renewed, with an empty mind

From the start of the Access consciousness class, when Smriti began with its concepts that itself started changing my energy and thought process, she could easily recognise my thought patterns before I could even explain about it and that was quite healing and elevating. When Smriti ran the bars session, the experience took me to a different world and boom!, I was renewed with an empty mind, and a wide burst of energy ready for a new beginning. She is highly motivated and is always available for any queries and assistance required.

 -- Keep up the good work, God Bless!

— V. V

Life rotated 360 degrees

I remember the day when I was unable to get awareness of what is happening with me what is solution for the same. While talking to one of my friend, she advised me to have session of SOP (symphony of possibilities) with Smiriti Goswami. Being in Access without wasting time I called you and fixed the appointment. 

It was Huge shift and become game changer for me. Life rotated 360 degrees.  Would like to thank you and appreciate the way you have helped me handle my body and cleared the major blockages and loved the way you have cracked the chains in which I was caught like prisoner.

Thanks for making me free bird once again. You are truly magical Rockstar. Love and hugs. God bless. 

— A. B. U

Loved by people worldwide